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Dropping A Motorcycle

Dropping A Motorcycle

, by Sassy Cait, 1 min reading time

Have you recently dropped your bike? 

Honestly, it has happened to most of us and sometimes for the dumbest reason. The best thing to do is pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get back on the saddle!

Before riding alone, I suggest you get on youtube and watch the motorcycle demonstrations where the women teaches people how to pick up a bagger when you are alone. Its pretty easy and simple and can be done by even the smallest people.

When I first got my ultra I dropped it at a stop sign, gas station, in my garage, in a sand driveway, at the gym, and on a hill trying to turn around. LOL. It happens!

The gas station and gym was a fast drop and fast pick up by myself... In my garage and in a sand driveway are a different story...

When I dropped my bike in my garage I could not pick it back up because my feet were slipping and sliding all over the floor. I could not get the traction I needed and lived by myself. I was able to get it back up by putting a bath matt underneath my feet!

When I dropped my bike in the sand, the same thing happened. My feet were sliding through the sand and I couldn't get my bike up. I ended up stacking two coolers on top of each other and had three girls sit on top of them. Then I pushed up off the coolers to pick it up!


I`ve seen very experienced riders tip their bikes over due to their kickstands, gravel, not paying attention, and even for the silliest reasons. It happens to everyone at some point or another. 

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