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  • TMMR -2023

    , by Sassy Cait TMMR -2023

    Hear about my trip to Tennessee Motorcycles and Music Revival

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  • Dropping A Motorcycle

    , by Sassy Cait Dropping A Motorcycle

    Have you recently dropped your bike?  Honestly, it has happened to most of us and sometimes for the dumbest reason. The best thing to do...

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  • Little Women, Big Motorcycle

    , by Sassy Cait Little Women, Big Motorcycle

    I am often asked how I ride a bagger being such a small person. At 5'2" and 120lbs I am the smallest of my friend...

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  • Why I started Renegade Babes

    , by Sassy Cait Why I started Renegade Babes

     I am all about women supporting women. I grew up in a friend group of all guys and have been a women in male dominant...

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  • My Moto Story...

    , by Sassy Cait My Moto Story...

    Learning is not easy for all of us, and it sure as hell was not for me!  I didn`t grow up on dirtbikes nor did...

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  • Reneagde Babes - The Phoenix

    , by Sassy Cait Reneagde Babes - The Phoenix

    The Phoenix is a great representation of rebirth and strength. Featured in myths and cultures, the firebird is a symbol of femininity, fire, and the...

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