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My Moto Story...

My Moto Story...

, by Sassy Cait, 2 min reading time

Learning is not easy for all of us, and it sure as hell was not for me! 

I didn`t grow up on dirtbikes nor did anyone in my family ride motorcycles. 

A close friend of mine invited me to join his friend group on a motorcycle vacation and after that I was hooked. That vacation was the first time I was ever on two wheels and I knew after, that life would never be the same!

After that trip I went out and purchased an 883 Iron for my first bike but had no idea where to start. I rode it around in a parking lot a few times during that summer but I never worked up the courage to hit the road.

The following spring I took a class through a local community college and I failed it! Aced the written test and all of the course until it came time to stop. I grabbed a handful of front brakes and locked that bad boy up sending me sideways... whoops. I was a hot mess after that and wanted to give up so bad but I got back on the steel horse and tried again with the help of friends!

They taught me so much and helped me gain the confidence I needed! We rode every Tuesday night together and even on some weekends. After 4 months of consistently riding the sporty I wanted a bigger bike. Not having bags or a radio wasn't appealing to me.

My friend that had taken me on my first motorcycle ride had recently passed away and before his passing, he had told me to stop being a pussy and buy my dream "big bike" so I did just that! In the fall of 2019 I purchase my ultra and have been in love with it ever sense. 

2020 I rode all over the place on her! I traveled to 10 different states with her and learned new tips and tricks as I went along. 2020 and my motorcycle brought me my other half as well, Charlie. He owns a bad ass motorcycle shop in Michigan where he has taught me so many things!

In January of 2021 he helped me build my bike into the perfect motorcycle. Adding T bars on it was the perfect touch to make it fit me better! She got a custom paint job, cams, an exhaust, custom colored wheels, all of the chrome went black, and so many other small touches to make her perfect. We were also able to find my dad a motorcycle and I cannot wait to start riding with my parents. 


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