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TMMR -2023

TMMR -2023

, by Sassy Cait, 2 min reading time

Hear about my trip to Tennessee Motorcycles and Music Revival

May 17th, 2023 I rolled my brand new low rider st build off of the dyno and hit the road for Tennessee. With zero shake down miles on the new build I was in for a treat! Before leaving the parking lot I lost my rear brake lever and she was barely hanging on. The new M8s love to shake and rattle everything they can off the bike, loctite or not! Halfway there I lost a bolt to my shifter and was stranded in at a rest stop. I could not get the bike into N and my idea of trying zip ties wasnt doing the trick. Luckily for me two older gentlemen stopped and had a hose clamp that fit the exact spare bolt I had in my tool roll and I was back on the road. With that delay I ended up rolling into Loretta Lynns ranch at 3 in the morning. 

2023 was the year of traveling for me and out of all of the events I went to, I would have to say this one was my absolute favorite. The event itself is on the smaller side (compared to bike weeks etc) but it was not lacking in the amount of things going on or the way it made you feel. There was a perfect balance between new performance motorcycles and artistic chopper builds. The chopper show itself had some of the most creative builds I had ever seen and I was truly blown away by the creativity put into the motorcycles on display. 

I entered my bike build into the Revival Ride-in Bike Show and took home a first place award for best cruiser! How fricken rad!

While at this event I met so many rad humans and everyone was so welcoming. There were so many cool things to do like pool parties, floating down the river, live music, wall of death, hooligan racing, hill climb, riding sick roads, and so much more! The people were great, the music was great, and the vibes were great. So many new friendships were created at this event that I will have for the rest of my life!



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