Why I started Renegade Babes

 I am all about women supporting women. I grew up in a friend group of all guys and have been a women in male dominant professions and activities my whole life. I am known to be one that goes against the grain and ignores society's standards for what is 'Lady Like' and what I need to be doing.

I hunt, lift weights, rock tattoos, ride Harleys, flip houses and do whatever the fuck I want even though most things I do are not "lady like"

My grandpa really wanted me to be a nun growing up but I think he found out fast that that would not be the case. 

Through riding motorcycles I have met so many bad ass women who are so talented and their talents are not show cased enough. These women inspire so many women to get out and ride, and to live their best life. 

Renegade Babes started out as Renegade Biker Babes, an Instagram page geared towards women who ride or love motorcycles. Kenzie and I were sick of female motorcycle pages that were geared towards men. It seemed that these big accounts were geared towards ass and tits and not about riding and the amazing talents these women have. We wanted to create a page that showcases what riding is actually about and bring women together as one big community!

Since then, we have grown into Renegade Babes. A brand and community for rad women doing rad shit and the cool men in our lives who support female riders and women hanging out and being 'one of the guys'. We noticed that there was a large amount of t-shirt companies in the moto industry but none had apparel geared towards women. If women were on shirts, they were usually riding on back half naked. We decided to kick out a few tees and hats that we wanted to wear and things took off from there! 

Renegade Babes is for all women who are unapologetically themselves and for the men who support these strong women. We are for those who do not fit into society's boxes and for those who throw society's standards in the trash where they belong. 

We are for the female motorcycle enthusiasts, mechanics, carpenters, maintenance techs, entrepreneurs, welders, painters, electricians, plumbers, police officers, EMT`s, nurses, farmers, doctors, bodybuilders, artists, travelers, and those who are out there just living their best life! Do whatever you please and do it unapologetically!

Here is to the rad women doing rad shit! 

May we be them, may we know them, may we raise them!


I have poured my heart and soul into this business. Unlike other companies who outsource their art or prints, I create  most of the designs and print them myself!. I have my hands in every step of the items journey and have been a one women show this whole time. I have recently started outsourcing some of the designs and printing due to high demand but I only partner with small businesses and those who really support what we are doing!

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